Helping our injured clients

We have vast amounts of both experience and success when dealing in personal injury cases. Many times insurance companies will not give you the benefit of the doubt. We understand the process of filing and collecting judgements against any wrong doing to you. Call Habtemariam Law Firm today for a free case evaluation.



A stress-free case settlement

We want to make sure that everyone who suffers an injury during an accident caused by an at fault driver will be cared for medically and compensated for their time, pain, and suffering. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is protected to the full extent of the law. We know this is a stressful time and we are here to help you.


A timeline of our success


Grand Opening

We successfully opened our first law office located in the heart of Seattle (downtown). With a great view and determination, we were ready to begin our lifelong journey of representing injured people!


Major Case Update

We successfully defended our client when their insurance company would’nt give them what they were owed. We were able to prove our clients case and they received a large settlement.



After 5 years of vigorious advocacy for our clients, we are now more than ever ready to take on more cases and continue to help represent injured people's right in a court of law!


Law Office Expansion

To better serve the entire city of Seattle, we are opening an additional location in the South Seattle Area by the end of this year. Now no matter where you are in the city, visiting one of our law offices will be easy.